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Meet Amy. She’s a mother of three – Madison, Jack and Lady the Great Dane. Between soccer practices and violin recitals it’s easy to run short on time.

Luckily, Smiley Dog’s dependable delivery means Amy can make every soccer practice and never wrestle a bag of dog food from store to car to kitchen or run out of Lady’s dog food.

Amy depends on Smiley Dog’s knowledgeable staff whenever there’s a question about the right food or toy. With raw, kibble, canned and freeze-dried options, there’s a solution for any situation or budget.

Join Amy and get more time in your day with FREE pet food delivery.

Thank you for simplifying my life!
Kristin M, Seattle

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Exceptional, dependable service isn’t just a promise.

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If your order doesn’t arrive on time, as promised, we’ll eat the cost!

Thank you for your extraordinary customer service and thoughtfulness.
Jane M, Kirkland
My friend who referred me to you said you have “the best customer service you’ll find anywhere.” Boy was he right! I’m very impressed!
Gretchen O, Seattle
What a treat to speak to a real person and what a relief to know that when they say they will do something, they do!!
Donna D, Edmonds

Call in Your Order

Call in Your Order

“I thought it was easier to pick up dog food at the store”

“Now, I just call Smiley Dog and the food is delivered to my door step. How much easier could it be?”

Diane says “I was hoping a change in diet would help with Kenzie’s allergies. She had lots of itching, runny eyes and red ears for months. The vet recommended a daily dose of an antihistamine which didn’t help much and I didn’t like the idea of giving Kenzie so much medication. Even a slight change would have been an improvement.

“After listening to Kenzie’s story, I got a choice of several different foods. Sure enough, within two months, Kenzie’s symptoms have improved tremendously. No more medicine. No more licking, scratching, red ears and runny eyes. The results have been more than I ever imagined.

“Kenzie has always been a picky eater . . . . Turning her nose up at lots of food. With her new food, she is ready and waiting at her dog bowl everyday.

“Just give it a try for at least a month. You will be pleasantly surprised!”

Call in Your Order

Call in Your Order

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Thanks so much for your consistent great service. It’s a pleasure!
Marion O, Richmond Beach
We continue to be highly impressed by how much you care about the quality of your products and the satisfaction of your customers.
Rhoda B, Bothell
Smiley Dog changed my life! I’m impressed with your commitment to good service and your knowledge.
Anne A, Seattle

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